August 7, 2009

2006 - 2007 News pages Updated:

I just realized that I had very few updates in 2007. I have no updates for 2008, however I did manage to attend a number of conventions in both years including San Diego Comic-Con. An explanation will be put forth on the DMON website (my personal website) later. The DMON site won't be updated until everything here is functional.

Now, I have to create the look for the Events' and Galleries' pages. According to SiteGrinder2, which is the Main design too I'm using for the site and then manipulating things in Dreamweaver CS3, adding additional galleries of photos or art should be relatively quick and easy. I’ll also try to remember what went down during those times, which will then be posted in the 2007 and 2008 news archives.

Both programs are allowing me to skip relearning most of the code for CSS and XHTML. However, still knowing certain stuff like how to create a “class” or “id” or adding either one of those to a “div” in one’s CSS file definitely helps and is keeping my code cleaner. In turn things should be easier for me to revise, update and manage all my sites.


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