December 11th

Comic and Concept design Gallery Updated:

In the Comic section I added 3 more pages. All 3 new ones have been greyscaled. In the Concept Gallery I added 2 Head gear designs for Xenling characters and a 360 degree view of Niko at the age of 9. One of the Xenling designs is the 2nd form of 3 forms that the avatar for the God "Ki" has. Ki is the God of Animals. The 1st form I posted last time was the Tiger or [Land] form. This time it is the Bird or [Air] form. The 2nd design is the "Qi" - pronounced Chi - avatar. This Xenling does the bidding of the God of all Gods. Qi is the creator and destroyer of all things. They are almost never seen, work with a status above the other Xenling and usually have there own agenda. Samples from one of the painted pages and one of the Concept designs.

Close up of a XenlingpixelshimKi Xenling Design

November 27th

Comic, Illustration and Concept design Gallery Updated:

I had a problem with my monitor, so it went in for repairs. One of the reasons for the delayed updates. Should be getting back to a regularrrrleeey scheduled program now. I finally finished painting the Cover for the 2nd issue. I also uploaded 2 more pages. Everything after page 10 will be greyscaled. When I print the comic it will be printed in full color.

The cover for issue 2 can be seen without the "M" logo and number 2 in the Illustration Gallery I flushed out the exact Head gear designs for 3 of the Xenling characters. Working on 360 degree designs for the main characters, Xenling and the Rah-gra. The Rah-gra show up in the 3rd issue. The Rah-gra are nasty and unnatural beings used by the Dark and Evil Gods. The Noctress are natural animals that have been preverted by the Dark Gods. The Noctress are nocturnal animals that can be found just about everywhere after night. The Heavenly Gods use Xenling to do their bidding on the earth or worldly plane. The Dark Gods send the Rah-gra to their bidding. Samples from one of the painted pages and one of the Concept designs.

Xenling Head pixelshimKi Xenling design

September 19th

"M" Comic Updated:

I've uploaded 2 more painted color pages from issue 2 of "M". Sample from the painted pages.

close up of med-rod info

September 11

"M" Comic Updated:

I've uploaded 2 more painted color pages from issue 2 of "M". Sample from the painted pages.

Dania's Face

August 31th

Comic Updated:

I've uploaded 2 more painted color pages from issue 2 of "M". I have to increase my speed. I think I'm painting slightly different than the 1st issue, but there is an improvement. I think I'm getting a little more painterly which is what I want. I want things to look clear or understandable but not necessarily so clean.

August 18th

"M" Comic Updated:

I've begun painting issue 2 of the "M" comic and just have to get the flow going steady. I finished pages 1 and 3 and I'm still working on the Cover. Originally I was going to leave the Cover in Black and White but I had a lot of people, who seem to like the way I paint, tell me to try painting it and compare the results. Well I think it will turn out pretty nice in color as well, but I also still really like the B & W. Hopefully I'll have a ton done by next weekend since I should have some time off from 1 of my jobs because the boss is going on vacation. I'll probably only post up to page 5 or 8 in color and then grayscale the rest and when it is finally completed add the dialogue. If I have time I'll try to add the dialogue sooner.

July 30th

San Diego Comic Con-International:

I uploaded the photos I took at San Diego to the EVENTS section. They can also be seen on the DMON site and I now have details of the Comic Con. there.

July 27th

"M" Comic Updated:

"M" issue 2 - All the pages are finished being drawn. I posted the remaining pages that had not been done up to the website. I am beginning now to paint them. As soon as I have pages fully painted, I'll probably post 5 to 8 in color and the rest will be gray-scaled. I will also be updating the "M" online glossary soon because I didn't get to update the glossary in the 2nd issue and there are things that might confuse people. By the way if any body does have any questions please feel free to email me.

San Diego Comic Con-International: I finished the rest of the "M" pages just before the San Diego Convention. I printed an ashcan or Black and White version of the 2nd issue for the convention. I now know there are a couple errors in the lettering and the bubbles, which I'll point out in the next update when I have found them all. I'll have all the kinks fixed by the time I print the full color version. I know a couple panels have bubbles where someone is supposed to be thinking and is actually saying it. That definitely has to be fixed. Also, I know there are a couple problems with some of the dialogue, which will be improved in the color version. I'll have photos I took at the Con. posted to the events section as soon as possible. The convention was Great!!! I hope to get a lot of feedback from people I met. Thanks for all the support and help in buying my comics, art prints or just coming to my site. I'll give more details of the San Diego Con on the DMON site soon.

June 27th

"M" Comic Updated:

4 nu pages drawn up for "M" issue 2.

May 23th

"M" Comic Updated:

4 nu pages drawn up for "M" issue 2. I've heard from San Diego Comic-Con International. I should have a table I just have to get a Temporary Sales Tax # to send them that form. I hopefully will get the Sales Tax number in 2 - 3 weeks, then I can send the form in to the San Diego. I won't be able to bring the 2nd issue in color, so I'll probably just make a small black and white run of the 2nd issue and bring the remaining B & W copies I have of the 1st issue to San Diego. Hopefully I'll sell most of them and help generate some more money to print them in color and hype to sell them when I do print in color. I'll be printing in conjunction with a friend so that we could get a cheaper price for the color printing. It is just so expensive. I need to look for as many opportunities to save money as possible. Hope u like the new pages.

May 9th

"M" Comic Updated:

11 nu pages polished up from thumbnails and posted. I'm behind in the schedule that I wanted to keep, but started to realize that an impossible schedule is impossible to keep. Anyway 11 pages in about a week is a big improvement! I have a new schedule to keep, so lets see how that goes. Trying to get this all done, while working other more conventional jobs is not easy.

May 1st

"M" Comic Updated:

Finished 3 pages and then redid a lot of drawing on those pages. I like the latter versions better, but I need to also processed on finishing more pages because I can also redraw when I paint the pages. Goal is to have the whole thing done by the end of May or bust. The nu pages are 4, 32,33 and 34. Going to stay up most of the night to try to get as much done and see if I can post some more pages by Monday.

April 20th

"M" Comic Updated:

I redrew part of the bottom panel on page 3. I'm probably going to adjust a couple things on pg 1 and 2. That is why these 3 pgs are posted more in their drawn state rather than the fully finished Black and White version I had them in. I won't be posting the finish Grayscale versions with dialog till the whole issue is done and off to the printer. I'll probably show the 1st five pages in color. I took a lot of time to reconfigure the html code and load all the thumbs into the Sketch section of the Galleries. As I polish pages from their sketchy thumbnail stage to completed drawn stage I'm going to eliminated the thumnail from the comic section. But you can always refer back to the thumbs now in the sketch section. Page 29 is also complete. I'm not doing the pages in order since the issue is already figured out and I want to get some of the quicker pages out of the way. More pages soon.

Right now I'm also debating on whether to go right into some of the painting aspects as I polish up the sketches or draw the pages at a super high resolution than paint them at a normal resolution. I'm going to see if there is any real difference in line quality between the 2 different methods. Remember all this is digital at this point so I want to make sure I'm getting the best line quality I can. Normally, I know they only ask to print things around 300 to 400 dpi, but when I worked at Broadway comics they use to scan the line drawings at 1200 dpi and another company which I did some coloring used to merge the line drawing at 600 dpi with a rezed up color layer. Of course that was with the drawing and inking being done on paper and the color on the computer. Everything from page 4 on will be done completely on the computer.

April 11th

"M" Comic Updated:

Almost all the thumbs are up. Hopefully, I'll get the rest of 45, 46, and 47 up tonight. Then I can finally start drawing the actual pages. I redid pg 30. There may be revisions along the way, but I think these thumbs will be a strong guide if not mostly the end result. More later.

OK later is here and all the thumbs are uploaded. Now, Dah DAH DAAHHH!!!! Da DUMM the real drawing begins. I kinda like the sketchiness sometimes. Maybe in the painting part I can get a little more painterly than I did in issue 1, which I had originally wanted. We'll see how it goes.

April 4th

"M" Comic Updated:

7 More thumbnails are up. Now there are thumbs up to and including pg 30. Didn't finish with sketching out the whole book yet. Should have them soon. I had to redesign a couple things because I reworked some of how the Xenling work. If you liked or were interested about the Xenling from issue 1, you'll get to see more now. 4 different types show up in the thumbs I posted. One changes his appearance depending upon the animal group he is communicating with. Another Xenling's head gear actually sprouts decorative side wings, horns, thingys Ahh whatever... just look and see what it sprouts. Of course this is all do to borganics [nano crap that has a bio component]. The same material is what is used to create Dania's sword in the earlier pages. More about Borganics later. The OmiYang Xenling's clothes also emit light. Ooooo Special effects to astound the villagers.

March 25th

"M" Comic Updated:

More thumbnails are up. I revised thumbs for pages 9 - 15. Now there are thumbs up to and including pg 23. Well half of the book is thumbed. Hopefully I'll have the other half posted before the weekend starts this way I can start working on the actual pages. I've also decided to digi paint the cover for issue 2.

March 20th

"M" Comic Updated:

More thumbnails are finally up. Thumbs for pages 9 - 15 are in the comic section. I should have the rest soon. One of the reasons for the long wait on the update was I had to revamp the entire HTML for the comic section. When I redid my website in HTML w/ CSS, I neglected to do the comic section because at the time it had the most pages and I was lazy. I figured I would end up doing it when I started the 2nd issue. The HTML code is now more current. I changed the navigation slightly. A new window doesn't pop-up when you click a page of the comic. You get to stay in the same window now and I have a gallery ICON on each page, which brings you back to the comic section. I think this makes the navigation easier. Sometimes, doing code just takes to damn long. It is 5:20 in the morning now, so ZZZZXZzzzzzzzzz zzz snore....

Sketch Gallery Updated:
I posted: the Design sketch for the OMI YANG Xenling's [aka The Avatar for the God of Light and the Skies] Head Gear, the original MINI LAB sketch that I based the 3D models I made on, and 2 thumbnail pages that were originally going to extend the fight scene between the Hurronk and Dania. Even though I was actually looking at all the previous thumbs, it still slipped my mind that I had already cut off the Hurronk's right hand. It seems I gave him his hand back just so I could chop it off again LOL. I SUCK! I liked the movement in those thumbs and had liked the idea that the Hurronk wasn't going to go down so easy, Ha HA!!! I'm such the fool. When I realized what I had done I felt so stooopid because I wasted a nice chuck of time only to revert back to the original layout.

February 27th

3D DESIGN Gallery Updated: Interior of a Cuna household 2D

Added six images of a Cuna Household in 2D created from the 3D models. In the original 3D images of a Cuna household, I had forgot to place the water hole next to the cooking/eating table, which is most of the time used more for keeping freshly caught fish. The water holes connect with the Berriana Sea under the Cuna village beach. There is a net in the hole to keep the fish from returning to the sea. The villagers use it for water when they are lazy and don't want to obtain water from the main well in front of the Chief's house. The villagers of course heat the water and let it condense in pottery designed to collect the water and leaves the salt behind in the original pot.

"M" Comic Updated:

The 1st issue is finally fully painted. I decided to put up the painted versions of pg 10 and 17, so everyone can see how they turned out in color. You can now Click to see the original, then proceed to the Altered pages with the new 3D backgrounds in Black and White, and lastly see what the finished painted page will look like in the comic.

Now I just have to find out from the printer how they accept the files to print the comic. Then I can set up the lettering according to there format. I printed the Black and White version with Dream Weaver Press. They do a great job, but only print in Black and White. Actually, I'll be going with them again to San Diego Comic Con. . I can't wait to go. Anyway, Back to the grind, I'll be posting more thumbnails to the 2nd issue ASAP. The whole 2nd issue, except for pages 1 - 3, will be created all digitally from start to finish. I'm hoping this will speed up certain parts of the whole process. Example no more scanning and cleaning up the smudges. :)) ^_^

January 29th

"M" Comic Updated:

I posted the pages with the nu backgrounds added to them. I replaced backgrounds on 5 panels within 3 pages. The originals are also linked to the revised pages so that you can see the difference. Page 2 is done in color and page 10 and 17 were left in black and white. I'm painting page 10 right now, but I'm not sure I'll post it as a comparison since page 10 and 17 were not originally painted before the revision. Now, I must return to finishing the painting of the 1st issue.

January 15th

Concept Gallery Updated:

Facade Designs for the Chief's House in the Cuna Village. I posted Close-ups of the designs as well, so you can get a better idea of the design work and to see how they correlate to other things within the story, for example: villagers clothing, creatures and Xenling. Head Gear designs for the Death Xenling or as they are known The Xenling Muerte are also uploaded to the Concept Gallery. The Xenling Muerte have different head dresses for Leaders and regular forces but most of the other Xenling do not. They may be identified by changes in color on head gear or on their clothing.